The Hoshannah Rebbe Portrait


I painted  “The Hoshanah Rebbe ” as a memory of meeting The Lubavitcher Rebbe  on Hoshana Rabboh in 1973 ,exactly 40 years ago   .
While journeying to  Israel as a volunteer for  The Yom Kippur war , a  doctor at JFK airport  delayed me from travelling as he discovered I had a potentially dangerous  inflamed lymph node in my neck .
That same doctor then introduced me to the Rebbe at 770 after the Sukkot  Hoshana Rabboh services and asked the Rebbe if I could continue my journey .
The Rebbe turned to me and said that I should continue on to Israel  and gave me a blessing that everything  would turn out well .  Thank G-d the war was quickly over and I went on to sing at the Israel National Opera  where I met my wife.
That was slightly more than  40 years ago and so as a memory of that miraculous  Hoshanah Rabboh I painted  ” The Hoshanah Rebbe”  . May his memory continue to bring blessings for us all .