Mordechai Edel’s parents escaped Austria in 1939. Settling in Birmingham England his mother managed and baked Viennese patisserie for the famous La Boheme Cafe Gallery owned by the late artist Andre Drucker who trained and inspired Mordechai with his┬ámagnificent reproductions of great Impressionist and Surrealist paintings by Renoir, Monet and Chagall.

Although viewers often see a similarity to Chagall’s style, Edel insists his only connection to Chagall is that he was born on 28th March, the same date Chagall died!

In addition to the art of oil painting Mordechai studied opera and in 1973 he sang for the Israel National Opera where he met his violinist wife Annie.

Residing in Vancouver Canada, Mordechai credits Annie and their three children for inspiring his oil paintings,sepia sketches and awesome hand painted wedding ketubahs.

The ideal marriage canopy is a recurrent “ImpressionMystic” vision in much of Edel’s work aspiring to unite opposites of Heaven and Earth, Fire and Water, Light and Dark, Secular and Sacred and so with paint brush and vocal chords Edel invites friends and collectors to share his vision of painting a world of joy together.

Although Edels painted dream of Universal harmony may still seem elusive, surely more than ever it is a vital dream worth painting!