“TIKKUN TIME ” ~ A Mystical Celebration of the Jewish Calendar.” An Edel art book soon to be published ~for all is a Matter of Time

“All is “A Matter of Time”,
that’s when the real miracle occurs.
To paint dreams as you have done,
visions that grow beyond oneself
to join in truth with our Source
shows that all is indeed possible.

Thank you Mordechai for
your joyous art exhibit
“The Time Of Our Freedom.”
It truly inspired appreciation for
The Almighty’s precious gift
to us ,that of Time itself.”

Your friend always,

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter ~OBM

Former Middleweight Boxing Champion


The Blessing of Time, for Time is a Blessing.

“Emet is Tam with Aleph,
Together with One in Time,

“Bracha shel Emet, Emet shel Bracha .
Emet in Truth is Time .

A Matter of Time, as Time will tell


It too will  become Emet .”   Mordechai Edel

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